SEPULTURA frontman Derrick Green is taking part in a four-Monday residency at Los Globos, a two-story nightclub in Silverlake, California, with a new project called MAXIMUM HEDRUM. The group features DJSam SpiegelGreen on vocals, drummer eFredo Ortiz from the BEASTIE BOYS and THE BONGOLOIDZ, bassist KoolGMurder from THE EELS, saxophonist/trombonist David Ralicke (NEON TREESTHE DIRTY HEADS) and vocalist Alisa Sanders.

Aside from his work producing the YEAH YEAH YEAHS‘ Grammy-nominated sophomore album “Show Your Bones” and scoring countless films, documentaries and commercials, Spiegel in 2009 founded N.A.S.A.(North America South America), whose landmark globetrotting debut LP,“The Spirit Of Apollo”, featured jaw-dropping collaborations from the likes of Kanye WestGeorge ClintonM.I.A. Tom WaitsRZA and David Byrne.

The MAXIMUM HEDRUM project was instigated by Spiegel‘s feelings on the advancements of technology and the resulting impact on our lives. “It was a feeling I had to express,” he said. “I really wanted to examine the interconnectedness and isolation this shift has brought… and the desperation that fills the Internet.”

After numerous experimental late night studio sessions with longtime friendDerrick Green in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the project was officially born.

Derrick has only ever screamed on metal and hardcore albums before, but on this album he’s crooning with his bass baritone voice like Isaac Hayes, and also singing crazy falsetto like Prince. It’s really a departure from anything that either of us has ever done in the past,” said Spiegel.

“I always imagined and desired to use my voice in as many ways unimaginable,” said Green. “The combination of working together withSam Spiegel has opened many possibility to expand the boundaries of music. The idea of MAXIMUM HEDRUM is to break down all concepts and barriers of the mind and explore the unknown fearlessly. The journey is just beginning, with so many endless possibilities with MAXIMUM HEDRUM.”

MAXIMUM HEDRUM will release its debut self-titled album on March 5. It will include the single “Synthesize”, which you can check out below.