Former THE HAUNTED singer Peter Dolving has resumed work on his much-anticipated O project, which also features Jesper Liveröd (NASUM, BURST) and Scott Reeder (KYUSS). The group has been collaborating on material, on and off, for the past several years with producer Fredrik Reinedahl (OPETH, IN FLAMES, GADGET, BURST).

In a new posting on his Facebook page, Dolving writes, “[I have finished recording] basic guitar tracks on a song called ‘Pigshit And Vomit’ for the O project. I can’t wait to get vocals laid down so I can send these three tracks off to Fredrik Reinedahl, and then on to Scott Reeder.” A short time later, Reeder added the following comment: “I can’t fucking wait to get it. I have a sweet new bass and I’m pissed — ready to unleash.”

In a 2009 interview with Metal Hammer, Dolving stated about O, “O is a friendship project. I’ve worked on the music — like, the initial pieces of the music — that’s been done for over a year. And I’ve been working on trying to set together a good construction of people who are really good friends and who are also very, very skilled musicians. It’s not just about being skilled musicians; it’s about understanding the music and understanding the kind of… I don’t know… humanity… It’s very heavy music. It would be somewhere… I don’t know… NEUROSIS meets RADIOHEAD. It’s very eclectic. It’s not like a ‘band’ band; it’s a project of friends.”

He added, “There is at least one instrumental piece. What we’re concentrating now on are the 15 songs that are the strongest. There’s a couple of songs that are very long, but most of the stuff is around three-and-a-half to five minutes. It’s pretty basic songs, as far as length goes.”

He continued, “The idea is to do something that’s not a traditional rock or metal construction. Instead we go about it as if it’s an orchestra — like a classical orchestra, but we happen to play electrical instruments. And that’s how I composed the pieces. If we ever get the possibility to play live, if we do that, it will be eight to ten musicians on stage, because that’s the only way to perform it.

“I’ve been holding on to this project for, like, three years. It’s a dream come true. For me, it’s something that… it’s fun. I’ve really wanted to do something that’s very different from what I do; it’s kind of artistically a change.

“We don’t have a record company. I’ve shopped this stuff around to record companies over the last three years, and everyone… no one believes… ’cause everyone’s like… they’re looking after their money. So, in a way, I’m feeling like, ‘Well, fuck you!’ ‘Cause I can just put that stuff out on iTunes and not have to fucking worry about it.”

Dolving announced his departure from THE HAUNTED on February 29, writing on his Facebook page, “I have had it. I will NOT answer questions to why. It’s no one else’s business. I am looking forward to seeing you people at other shows with other projects.”

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