This Wednesday’s (June 6) “Rock Show” on Killer Bunny TV’s radio channel is all about sex, shock and Satan.

Swedish Satanic sensation GHOST will haunt this week’s program with private tales of assorted debauchery. “As we are fornicators and dwellers in everything that is blasphemous,” one of the faceless ghouls confessed. “We have our own harem. We keep a line of both males and females because being fornicators per se, that goes both ways.”

The world of band merchandise is big business for bands these days and GHOST’s upcoming wild ideas might give OPETH’s Mikael Åkerfeldt perfume of his own sweaty balls a run for its money. “We are working on extending our merchandise,” the faceless ghoul continued. “Since we are working in the world of scents, we have talked about that ’cause that goes into the whole GHOST experience — Papa’s balls engulfed in a scent. It’d be cheap, too.”

On top of this, you’ll hear what Norwegian black metal band, 1349 and Swedish black metal legend MARDUK make of the whole GHOST phenomenon. “I don’t know what is so sensational about them,” quipped MARDUK’s guitarist Morgan Håkansson. “To me, they are just a rock band.” 1349’s vocalist Ravn was also a little puzzled. “From what I have heard and what I have seen, I don’t get the satanic message but I am a simple man, I dont get a lot of things.” he joked. “DIMMU BORGIR used to do this as well and that also proved to be very successful.”

In addition, Norwegian rockers EL CACO chat with the “Rock Show” about their new Top 20 album whose content reflects the vicissitudes of their once-safe country of origin since the dark day in July last year. “I think what happened on the island of Utøya last year made us realise that we don’t live in that bubble we thought we did,” guitarist Anders Gjesti explained. “We are a small country and everybody knows someone who was involved. I knew people who were in the area where the bomb went off in Oslo…”

And of course, plenty of salaciously sounds from those wild and wonderful rock bands from Nordic countries…tune in or throw up, this Wednesday at 6 p.m. CET (12:00 p.m. EST) on Killer Bunny TV.

Created and hosted by producer Patrizia Mazzuoccolo (formerly of the “Tinitus” show, which aired on Norwegian national radio NRK P3), “The Rock Show” is a back-to-basic production that focuses on diversity, substance and alternative content.