On November 18, 2011, members from high-profile Norwegian metal bands, including DARKTHRONE, SATYRICON and TAAKE, took part in a live show called “Algir – Støttekonsert For Jonas R. Christiansen”, at Bergen’s prime rock venue, Garage.

Originally arranged in order to raise funds and send cancer-stricken vocalist Jonas Christiansen (SLAVIA, ex-DISIPLIN) to a private treatment facility in Denmark, the event, which also featured Christiansen’s solo project, SLAVIA (with Niklas Kvarforth from SHINING on vocals), turned into a memorial concert when the 31-year-old unexpectedly passed away the day before.

“To hear about his situation was really serious,” SATYRICON’s vocalist Satyr reflects. “And of course, when we were asked to be a part of something like this, you don’t really hesitate ’cause it’s not about how well you know someone but it’s about showing solidarity with another artist within this very small black metal community.”

Produced by Patrizia Mazzuoccolo and directed by Espen Storsve for Norwegian independent channel Killer Bunny TV, the mini-documentary witnesses the evolution of the Norwegian black metal scene from its original “every man for himself” ethos and features interviews with a variety of exponents from the genre as well as an exclusive live performance of DARKTHRONE’s track “In The Shadow Of The Horns”, taken from their legendary second album, “A Blaze In The Northern Sky”.

“Certain people have a view that it’s all about being cold on a very egoistical level perhaps,” continues SATYRICON drummer Frost. “That’s not how it functions. Not only is there room for solidarity, but I think that it’s something that should be shown at certain times.”

Watch the documentary below.


Source: www.blabbermouth.net