Rocket Queen Promotion recently conducted an interview with former ICED EARTH and current ASHES OF ARES singer Matt Barlow. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Rocket Queen Promotion: Please introduce your new band ASHES OF ARES to the readers.

Matt: The band, at this point, consists of Freddie Vidales [ex-ICED EARTH], Van Williams [ex-NEVERMORE], and me. We will announce the other guys soon.

Rocket Queen Promotion: Who got the idea to name the band ASHES OF ARES? And what does ASHES OF ARES stand for?

Matt: I kind of had the name in mind and sold the idea to the guys. To me, it has a dual meaning, but I don’t want to spoil someone else’s interpretation. Let’s just keep the mystery for a while.

Rocket Queen Promotion: Could you please describe the musical feeling inside of your band? What kind of musical delicacy could we expect?

Matt: Well, most folks know what to expect from me, from my work with ICED EARTH and PYRAMAZE. so you take some of that and mix it with Van’s brand of cadence and Freddie’s riffage… blam-o….it’s ASHES OF ARES!!! It’s just straight-up heavy metal!

Rocket Queen Promotion: What is the progress on ASHES OF ARES? For example, when can we expect your first album.

Matt: We are working on shopping ourselves at this point. Hopefully we will have a schedule for release in the near future.

Rocket Queen Promotion: I really understand that family goes first, Matt, so what made you tick to team up with another band and entering the music business again? Is there a special reason? Or do you plan to have ASHES OF ARES as a non-touring band, for example, to make more time with the family.

Matt: The reason we are all doing this is for the love of music. We are metal guys and this is what we do. ASHES OF ARES live shows will be limited, but there will be live shows for fans, friends, and family to come to and enjoy with us. We really just want to create music that we enjoy and have that translate to our listeners.

Rocket Queen Promotion: Who is the main songwriter in the band?

Matt: The three of us are co-creators. When we conceived this idea, that’s how we wanted it to play out. All for one, and one for all… That kind of thing.

Rocket Queen Promotion: Do you miss your times with ICED EARTH or did you already file this chapter of your career away?

Matt: They were great times, but it was time for everyone to move on. There are no issues and certainly no regrets.

Read the entire interview from Rocket Queen Promotion.

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