Aniruddh “Andrew” Bansal of recently conducted an interview with guitarist Woody Weatherman of Raleigh, North Carolina legends CORROSION OF CONFORMITY. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. The new release this year was your self-titled album. When I heard it in January, I thought it was so diverse; it felt like a good summary of what the band has done so far, musically, and that’s why it’s — perhaps, fittingly — self-titled. Would you go along with that?

Woody: I do. When we were finished recording it, we were just listening to it, and all of us kind of had the same idea that there’s elements of all the different periods of COC. There’s some of the faster stuff and there’s some stuff that’s kind of doomy, so we’re stoner rock-ish or whatever you want to call it. I don’t know whether that’s still a genre these days or not [laughs]. I think the term “doom” has kind of taken that over. But yeah, that’s why we decided to do it as a self-titled album. A lot of people asked us whether it’s our greatest album ever and if that’s why it’s self-titled. I think it’s a great album, but I think we’ve still got even better stuff in the future. We just finished another five-song EP that’s coming out mid-November, I think. It’s kind of the same, and there’s a little bit of everything in that too, some faster songs and some heavier slow stuff, so I think we’re going to continue in that vein. I was going to ask you about the EP. Is it completely finished and ready to release?

Woody: It is! It’s totally done, mixed and mastered, and we just got finished with it this past week. And I think it’s coming out in about three or four weeks. It’s a pretty quick turnaround, which is unusual in this day and age, but they can do it, they can make it happen. The three-piece “Animosity” lineup came back to record this self-titled album. Did you approach the album in the same way as “Animosity” or is it just the similarity in the lineup?

Woody: I think it’s pretty much just the lineup. We always approach a record kind of the same. Even way back then, we used to get together in our little practice pad, work the tunes up and then jump in the studio as quick as we can. A lot of times, though, it is good if you can get out and play some of the songs live before you put them on tape, and we were able to do that for this latest album. We did a little short tour right before we started recording that thing, and it gave us a chance to play three or four of them in a live setting. I think it really helped us gel the songs, you know, and made the recording process go a little easier. So for this EP, I assume you recorded it somewhere else and not in Dave Grohl’s studio?

Woody: Yeah, we did that in our hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, which is kind of nice, to be able to hang around in town and not have to go out somewhere, go to L.A. or New York. Sometimes it’s nice to record at home. You get a little better vibe. Plus I got to use all of my own gear. So it was fun.

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