The official video for the song “On Your Way” from CORROSION OF CONFORMITY can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s new album, “IX”, which was released on July 1 via Candlelight. The CD was produced by the band and longtime comrade John Custer.

In a recent interview with The Obelisk, CORROSION OF CONFORMITY bassist/vocalist Mike Dean stated about the band’s collaboration with Custer: “Our relationship has evolved with John, and some of his approaches to working with musicians have changed a little bit. He likes to work with an engineer, likes to be hands-on.

“For this one, we really wanted to take it out of the computer a lot more and to the desk. If we had the resources, we might not even use the computer, if I had a tape machine and a few more accoutrements. But given what we have, we decided to really get John to have a place where he had his own perspective on what was happening performance-wise, and through nepotism, I just kind of gave myself the job as engineer. It’s something I’m interested in and want to keep perfecting, towards my own aspirations of producing other people’s music and not having it be a sham where you have some musician you’ve heard of be a producer, but what did they really do? Getting my hands dirty is something I’m interested in, so it’s a good situation being not too obsessed about my performance. It gives me some real work to do rather than being preoccupied, and it kind of allows John to stand back and have some perspective, and we kind of tag-teamed on the gear like that.

“Originally, John had a very specific idea in mind about certain parts, going back to ‘Blind’ and ‘Deliverance’, and now he’s more about letting the performance happen and seeing where it goes, and like ourselves, he’s reached a point with the over-emphasis on perfection that just makes a lot of today’s music really boring and really makes you kind of smell a rat. Basically, we’re kind of about a performance that has some emotion to it. When the performance gets too perfect via the computer, you start to smell a rat, and you start to wonder if the can play any of it. [Laughs] It’s just not where we’re coming from. He’s right there with us on that. It’s been good, the way things have evolved working with him. It’s something that, while we’ve had this relationship for a while, it’s a way to keep it fresh.”

“IX” track listing:

01. Brand New Sleep
02. Elphyn
03. Denmark Vesey
04. The Nectar
05. Interlude
06. On Your Way
07. Trucker
08. The Hanged Man
09. Tarquinius Superbus
10. Who You Need To Blame
11. The Nectar Revised