After almost a decade of creation and cremation, MOTH and its founding nucleus, Joe Puccio (KNAC-DCDIMESTORE HOODS) alongside a revolving group of demented-yet-talented contributors such as Dewey Bragg (KILL DEVIL HILL , PISSING RAZORS), PJ McMullen (3RD STRIKEINTERSTELAR) and Warren Riker (DOWNCATHEDRAL,CYNIC) have decided it was time to share the smoke. The first hit of which is a hypnotic fuzz jam entitled “Womanizer”, which sticks to ya like the bubonic plague. The video, which can be seen below, was co-spun by Senors Puccio and Riker, and features a guest appearance from Vinny Appice (BLACK SABBATHDIOHEAVEN & HELLKILL DEVIL HILL) on the skins (Note: Although Appice appears on the “Womanizer” track, he is not featured in the accompanying video). With the band’s plans to release a steady stream of loud over the next year, this is one badass way to start .

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