Greece’s recently conducted an interview with former STRATOVARIUS guitarist Timo Tolkki. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. What are you up to these days, building a new studio we saw?

Timo Tolkki: My life is very simple. It’s home, music and photography, which has become a passion for me. I have been building a new studio for mixing and mastering purposes and this has taken quite some time but it should be ready in December. It is a commercial studio, so it is possible to book me for mixes and masterings. New drummer along with a new album in February 2013 for STRATOVARIUS. What are your thoughts about this?

Timo Tolkki: I know him. He actually played the initial demos of SYMFONIA, so I know him well. I don’t think about STRATO that much anymore. I left the band five years ago. I wish them well. Hard-working guys. I love them and I do miss them. I wish we could one day do one more album and tour with the “Visions” lineup. In five years or something. That would be really cool. Are you making any new music yourself?

Timo Tolkki: Sure. I am always making music. I have been in touch with a great great female singer from your country actually called Marilena Animado. She is a fantastic singer. I hope something comes out of that because she is a world-class singer. Hope too! What happened to the new “Credo” album? Will we ever get to listen to those songs?

Timo Tolkki: Well, the pledge thing turned out to be much more work than I anticipated but that was not the reason why I canceled it. Initially I was dealing with a very low number of people, maybe 400. That also was not the reason why I cancelled it but it made me think that maybe the system still has flaws in it. “Credo”, or whatever it will be called, is something I hope I can release some day or maybe even after I have died. It is very special music and I almost feel that I should not charge any money from it. I feel it is music that should just be given to those who want to hear it. So, before we finish with this lovely interview, is Timo Tolkki retired or we should expect more things to come in the future?

Timo Tolkki: I am very far from being retired and you will hear from me next year. That much I can tell.