Uniqueness, self-sounding and relaxation could be a few words to sum-up “Wars…”, the latest Ulver observation you’re about to read for, in the next few lines.

Apart from opening track “February MMX” that has this electro/pop feeling, making you believe that you hear the most wanted track for air play in the local radio station, all remaining songs unveil in front you-the audience-as a soundtrack of an abandoned/haunted place, where music and literature speak only for themselves.

Movement of sounds, ritualistic and jazzy eerie vocals, spoken words compined with plenty of unusual instruments (from saxophone to whatever electric elements you can imagine), placed in a haunting soundtrack and this general idea of a movie, without motion or pictures is presented in its entirety of course in two colours…Black & white!!!

Cold, wise, musically independent and surely far away from the black metal past of Ulver’s history “Wars…” might be a step more interesting than “Blood Inside” and probably the closest “sister-release” of “Perdition City/Lycantropen themes” so far.

As done with all Ulver releases, this one will also demand your attention and will to get you in its point. If you’re willing, to see a movie made of sounds, then here’s a great opportunity for you. Progress through visual music!

Track List Line UP
01. February MMX
02. Norwegian Gothic
03. Providence
04. September IV
05. England
06. Island
07. Stone Angels
Kristoffer Rygg – Vocals, Programming
Jørn H. Sværen – Miscellaneous
Tore Ylwizaker – Programming, Keyboards
Daniel O’Sullivan – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards