According to imNJS, Ernie Ball‘s Music Man branch of quality USA-made guitars and basses has taken the world by storm, and they wouldn’t have been able to do it without successful artists like John Petrucci of progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER.

Rolling into 2013, Music Man has yet again teamed up with Petrucci to continue making improvements to his already popular signature line of guitars. This year, however, instead of the usual neck and body adjustments, they are doing something that’s brand new to the series: putting an on-board preamp inside the guitar to deliver a gain boost right from your fingers.

Commented Petrucci: “It’s amazing to see all the positive comments about the JP13. I really appreciate the support and enthusiasm. Of course, I love and use all of the sig JP Music Man models we’ve created over the years, but I have to say that the 13 is my favorite of all! It just has that ‘magic’ thing about it. The new DiMarzio pickups, the preamp and boost, the 17″ radius rosewood fretboard, the beautiful silver finish and of course the perfect neck and body design make it the ultimate guitar.

“I spent all day writing with the DREAM THEATER guys yesterday and the 13 sounded so incredible and felt so amazing that the riffs were flying out of the guitar with such ease and intensity that was so inspiring and so satisfying!

“Thank you, Sterling [Ball, Music Man‘s current owner], for standing by the commitment you made 13 years ago which was to make tools for artists, and to not stop until we get it perfect!”