The official WASTEFALL page on facebook posted the following statement:

Wastefall is back for good!

One of the last decade’s most renowned Greek progressive heavy metal bands has launched its official comeback to the metal music scene, with a new song. New plans are also underway regarding a new album, live dates and many more. The band has been working on new material for sometime now, and is currently in talks for a new record deal and touring dates.

The band has published a new song, called “Recycle the Elite” on its official newly launched YouTube page and Facebook page asking fans to be their ultimate critic regarding the band’s new tunes.

“There is nothing like being part of a band’s decision-making process. Each and every one of us would love to be in the studio with our favorite bands talking about which songs should be in the album and why. Don’t forget we are also fans of this genre!” co-founder guitarist/lead vocalist Domenik Papaemmanouil stated.

Alex Katsigiannis, co-founder guitarist, added: “After years of being in hiatus, we now want to re-engage with our fans, or potential ones. We want to make them be part of the album process and part of the Wastefall-family. We have many surprises up our sleeves that can’t be named right now. What I can tell you is that Wastefall is here to stay!”

The band will shortly be hitting the stage, so stay tuned and be sure to follow Wastefall on their Facebook page, for upcoming news, announcements, concert dates and many more surprises…

The hot news is that Wastefall entered the studio in order to record a new EP called “Meridiem” (south) and will be released in the spring 2013 in digital form. This is but the beginning for Wastefall whose return is going to be really fruitful. Finally, a video-clip will be shot by LensOrama team for one of the new songs. Stay tuned on Wastefall’s official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for constant updates and lots of teasers concerning the recordings and the new video. See you all ad Meridem…

You can now listen to “Recycle The Elite” here:

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