OZZY OSBOURNE and FIREWIND axeman Gus G. demonstrated his awe-inspiring technical style in a special guitar lesson for U.K.’s Total Guitarmagazine.

Download Total Guitar issue 237 for the accompanying tab and explanation — available in the UK and, digitally, worldwide via Newsstand for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and Zinio.

Gus has begun collecting ideas and recording demos for his first solo album, to be released sometime this year. The CD will feature instrumental tracks as well as songs with guest singers.

Asked if he had to make any radical changes to his playing or his sound when he joined Ozzy‘s band, Gus told Ultimate-Guitar.com in a 2012 interview: “There was no radical changes. It was just getting everything better and dialed in. Because when I was with FIREWIND before, I was taking care of everything in the band and still do. I’m very hands-on with everything. But there was very little time to spend trying to try out new and different pickups; try out this amp or that amp; or that pedal. There was no time really to do all that when you’re taking care of everything. There’s no management and there’s nobody and there’s no big team behind you. I’m like a totally D.I.Y. guy and in my generation really you gotta do it yourself otherwise you’re gone. And when I joined Ozzy, then obviously all the manufacturing companies started calling up.”