CHAOSTAR, the band led by SEPTICFLESH guitarist Christos Antoniou, will release its fourth album, “Anomima”, on May 10 in Europe and May 14 in North America via Season Of Mist. The limited-edition version of the CD will come with a bonus DVD entitled “Anomimata”. A trailer for the DVD can be seen below.

“Anomima” will feature guest appearances by David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL) and Fernando Ribeiro (MOONSPELL).

Commented Christos: “David narrates the prologue of the most vicious song on the album, shading his dark and imposing shadow over the band’s music. I consider that cooperation as one of the most representative ofCHAOSTAR‘s new work. A tragic heroine taken from the ancient Greek tragedies meets the devilish power of the unsurpassable voice of Mr. Vincent.”

With regards to Ribeiro‘s involvement with the CD, Antoniou said, “His deep gothic voice will give a completely powerful atmosphere to a duet.”

CHAOSTAR‘s current lineup is as follows:

Christos Antoniou: Composer/Synths
Androniki Skoula: Vocals
Fotis Benardo: Percussion
George Diamandopoulos: Traditional Instruments
Charalampos Paritsis: Electric Violin
John Thermos: Synths

After the independent release of their first record, “The Underworld”(2000), CHAOSTAR signed a deal with the French label Holy Records, which issued the “Chaostar” (2000), “Threnody” (2001) and “The Scarlet Queen” (2004) albums, as well as the compilation “Underworld”(2007).

When SEPTTICFLESH returned from a self-imposed creative break with their highly successful album “Communion” (2008) on Season Of Mist,Christos also revived CHAOSTAR and placed his trust in the same label.

“After six years of silence, I am very pleased to continue my experimental side with Season Of Mist,” commented Christos.”I know how they work and they understand what CHAOSTAR is about.”

He added, “I am thinking about writing an ‘opera’ based concept onEuripides‘ drama masterpiece ‘Medea’. I will definitely not follow the previous atmosphere, which was rather based on ‘classical’ music. A combination of extreme metal sounds and modern textures will play a dominant role in my forthcoming sound.”