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Paolo Bianco of Soundsblog.it conducted an interview with guitarist Dan Hawkins of reunited British rockers THE DARKNESS prior to the band’s March 11 concert at a soldout Alcatraz in Milan, Italy. You can now watch the chat below.

On the topic of THE DARKNESS‘ plans for their next studio album, Dan said: “We’ve doing a lot of writing on the road. What we don’t wanna do is have a long break before the next album comes out. Because, obviously, we’ve had a long break and we’re amazed — just amazed — at how many people come to see us and how big our fanbase is, still. And it seems to be growing. There’s a lot of young people in the audience that couldn’t have been at the gigs we were doing ten years ago, and they’re going crazy. So we just wanna keep the output up. Especially these days, I don’t think you can just sort of go away for a couple of years and then come back with another album. I think you just need to keep your fanbase occupied. So we’re working really hard on the next album already, and it sounds really good so far. And I suppose the aim will be to get the next album out, hopefully, by the end of next year or even very early the year after. We’ll probably still be touring until maybe early next year and then we’ll finish making the record and try to get it out by the end of the year.”

As for what fans should expect to hear on the upcoming album, Hawkins recently told Billboard.com: “I think we want to get even more old school. We want to make it even more of a performance record. We just want to be really brave and try to do something as live as humanly possible, warts and all. We’ve lost a bit of that in music today. It’s time to get a bit of character in there, so we’ll be going for something as fucking Route 1 as possible.”

Photos of THE DARKNESS‘ sold-out show in Milan are available on Soundsblog.it.

The band’s setlist for the Milan concert was as follows:

01. Every Inch Of You
02. Black Shuck
03. Growing On Me
04. She Just A Girl, Eddie
05. One Way Ticket
06. Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us
07. Get Your Hands Off My Woman
08. Love Is Only A Feeling
09. Friday Night
10. Concrete
11. How Dare You Call This Love?
12. Givin’ Up
13. Stuck In A Rut
14. I Believe In A Thing Called Love
15. The Best Of Me
16. Street Spirit (RADIOHEAD cover)
17. Love On The Rocks With No Ice

Source: www.blabbermouth.net