Tired of German techno? Try some Swedish metal. That is the message of Volvo‘s new U.S. outdoor advertising campaign.

The campaign has attracted a great deal of attention via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where one person called it “the best car ad in history.”

“We have noticed [all the attention the ad has attracted] even here in Sweden and it’s pretty funny, Volvo‘s press officer Bo Larsen told Dagens Media.

Sweden Rock Magazine, Scandinavia’s biggest hard rock magazine and Sweden’s top-selling music magazine, recently celebrated issue #100 by naming the 100 greatest Swedish bands of all time.

“Over the past couple of decades, it’s hard to think of another country with a population equivalent to that of New York that’s had such an impact on hard rock and metal as Sweden has,” said Sweden Rock Magazine editor-in-chief Martin Carlsson.

Volvo is a Swedish automobile manufacturer, owned by the Chinese Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Volvo Car Corporation was founded in 1927, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo was owned by AB Volvo until 1999, when it was acquired by the Ford Motor Company as part of its Premier Automotive Group. Geely Holding Group then acquired Volvo from Ford in 2010.

Source: www.blabbermouth.net