Source: Blabbermouth

Leif Edling, founding bassist and main songwriter of Swedish doom metal legends CANDLEMASS, is currently recording a full-length album with his new project AVATARIUM.

“I have been writing songs for some time now and together with the guitar player Marcus Jidell (ROYAL HUNTEVERGREY), I have been recording some demos during the winter that we are shopping now,” Edling tells BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

“The AVATARIUM songs are heavy, dark and poetic and we have interest from several labels around the world. Nothing is signed just yet, so we carry on with the recording of the album.

“Last week drummer Lasse Sköld (TIAMAT) recorded his drums in a Stockholm studio. Soon we’ll do the guitars and the bass, before singerJennie-Ann Smith adds her vocals.”

CANDLEMASS played its first show with singer Mats Levén on June 5, 2012 at Debaser Slussen in Stockholm, Sweden.

Levén is a former member of YNGWIE MALMSTEENTHERION andTREAT, who also plays with Edling in KRUX.

Also joining the group for CANDLEMASS‘ recent live performances was keyboard player Per Wiberg (OPETHSPIRITUAL BEGGARS).

CANDLEMASS in June 2012 parted ways singer Robert Lowe. The band stated at the time that this was “a very difficult decision” to make and had “mainly to do with the quality of the live performances.”

Lowe — who is still a member of SOLITUDE AETERNUS — joinedCANDLEMASS in January 2007 and sang on the band’s last three studio albums: “King Of The Grey Islands” (2007), “Death Magic Doom”(2009) and “Psalms For The Dead” (2012).

CANDLEMASS released its 11th and final album, “Psalms For The Dead”, on June 8, 2012 via Napalm Records. A limited-edition seven-inch vinyl single contaning two album tracks —“Dancing In The Temple Of The Mad Queen Bee” and “The Killing Of The Sun” — preceded the full-length effort on April 13, 2012.