Source: Blabbermouth

Steve Adams of the Birmingham Post recently conducted an interview with bassist/vocalist Geddy Lee of Canadian rock legends RUSH. A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

On finally being inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last month:

Lee: “It was really overwhelming and we all got choked up.

“Our fans have always placed more importance on us getting in than we have — we’d always thought it was no big deal. But at that particular moment it sure did feel like a big deal.

“It was quite an emotional evening to feel the amount of love from so many different and unexpected places.

“When you have guys from PUBLIC ENEMY turning around and patting you on the back — jeez, even Spike Lee was so nice and giving us respect — you kinda pinch yourself and wonder: where the fuck am I?

“It was interesting because my wife was with me and it was her birthday and I was feeling bad that she had spent it playing second fiddle to the band once again.

“But so many iconic acts — such as Jackson Browne and Carole King — appeared that brought back moments of our life.

“My wife turned to me in the middle of the show and said there was probably no more suitable place to spend her birthday because we’d been living our lives through all these songs.

“It was a perfect moment for her to reflect and that’s what it felt like for all of us.”

“Part of you is saying, ‘Somebody’s made a mistake here,’ and part of you is trying to enjoy it and accept what it means in terms of popular music.

“We’ve been so insular and off the mainstream for so long that it’s very hard to see yourself as part of that same estimable group.”

On still having a huge appetite for performing live:

Lee: “I love to play — that’s my whole reason for being. And we’re playing better than we’ve ever played — and I say that without much hesitation.

“Something happens after you play for 40 years… you get good at it!”

On RUSH‘s plans for when the band’s current tour ends in early August:

Lee: “Right now we’re looking to finish this tour and take a holiday. After a nice long break, we’ll figure out what we’re gonna do, but right now we have not talked about it and we have zero intention of talking about it.”

On a proposed RUSH 40th-anniversary “R40” tour next year, an idea the band’s management is determined to push through:

Lee: “They’re trying but they’re going to fail. And there’s nothing wrong with an ‘R42’ tour — it doesn’t have to be a round number. After all, there’s been nothing round about our career.”

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