Source: Blabbermouth

Christofer Johnsson of Swedish progressive/experimental metallersTHERION has released the following statement:

“Today the sad news reached me that Johanna Mårlöv passed away.Johanna was singing in the live choir for THERION during the‘Lemuria’/‘Sirius B’ era and travelled with the band and did shows in over 25 countries. She had been struggling bravely with her cancer for a number of years, but lost the battle in the end.

“My thoughts are with her family at this difficult time.

“She will be remembered as one of the happiest and most positive persons I’ve ever met and it was a privilege to have met and get to know her.”

Added former THERION bassist Johan Niemann: “Sometimes, reality hits you like a ton of bricks, and you realize that things like money, fame, career doesn’t mean shit. Today, the world lost a truly amazing human being, so gentle and never a negative word spoken about anyone. I’m lucky to have known her.

“Thank you for everything, Johanna Mårlöv. RIP.”

British vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva — who has toured and/or recorded with CRADLE OF FILTHTHERIONMORTIIS and ANGTORIA — wrote on her Facebook page: “Yesterday, I lost one of my dearest, most amazing friends to a horrible illness. We toured together, laughed together but didn’t see each other that often, simply because we live in different countries. The last time I saw her was when she attended my wedding in 2011, she was recovering and doing ever so well and because she was recovering, I didn’t speak to her for a while; I mean, life goes by so fast, doesn’t it? At the beginning of this year, I found out she was ill again and no chance of recovery. I think she had time to prepare, but some of us maybe lived in denial.

“The reason I write this is because we do not last forever, at the blink of an eye, someone you truly love can be gone. I write this because sometimes, hitting a ‘like’ button on Facebook isn’t a sign of friendship. Re-tweeting someone’s news isn’t effort. Actions DO speak louder than words and although we were in close contact the last few months, panic started to set in. I knew this was it and I didn’t want to acknowledge it. I let her know most days how much I loved her and that I was grateful for the memories but I couldn’t ever at any stage tell her how this was killing me inside. She was the most beautiful woman, who cared for all life, never hurt a fly, was always there and never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was strong, genuine, had drive and always had a smile and a cuddle for you.

“I write this not for sympathy, as your thoughts should be with her lovely man and twin boys and family, I write this because as I said, life is short.

“Tell people, the ones closest to you that you love them or care on a regular basis and SHOW IT!! If you have ever lost anyone you love, and this is my first time, you will know what I am feeling. As cliche as this is, the world lost an absolute angel yesterday.

“God natt, stora syster xxxx.”

Pictured below: Johanna performing with THERION in her beautiful green dress.