SLAYER guitarist Kerry King is part owner of the Coldcock American Herbal Flavored Whiskey, the brand new adult beverage created for the hard-working, bad-ass American by hard-working, bad-ass Americans. Coldcock was co-founded by John Reese (co-creator of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem and Uproar festivals), and Michael Arfin (AGI). On top of that, Coldcock is touted by artists and tastemakers like David Draiman (DISTURBED),Ashley Purdy (BLACK VEIL BRIDES), Miles Doughty (SLIGHTLY STOOPID), Raul Bianchi(THE EXPENDABLES) and more. These great people are helping to bring this brand new drink to you, but not without the help of more of your favorite up-and-coming bands, too.

Growing hard rock/metal artists such as SEVENDUSTEYES SET TO KILLANGELS FALL plus DJs like DatsikMike Czech of Skratch ‘n SniffShannon Gunz of SiriusXM, world-famous tattoo artists such as Paul BoothSteve Soto, famed street artist Risk and more are supporting Coldcock on the road and at home, not only because of its fantastic taste and herbal benefits, but because it gives back to them! Coldcock is all about working hard together and sharing success, and its vision to share that success with artists is already taking off.

Zeiler Spirits supports hard-working artists by giving them the opportunity to earn ownership in the brand.

Want to learn more and/or get your band in on the action? Bands can submit their information to under “sponsorship” or email with inquiries.

Pictured above: Kerry King and his wife Ayesha enjoying some Coldcock.

“Having the ability to utilize our experience in the spirits industry to create the most unique and best-tasting whiskey ever and marrying it with our contacts in the entertainment world to offer a chance for bands to reap the benefits of their hard work, is a dream come true,” said Rick Zeiler, founder of Coldcock. “An opportunity like this only comes along once in a lifetime and we are taking our shot at building something successful for all involved.”

Coldcock American Herbal Flavored Whiskey is a three-year aged American bourbon blended with a variety of meaningful and detoxifying herbs, including green tea, hibiscus, ginger, eucalyptus, cinnamon and gingko. In addition to those natural ingredients, Coldcockcontains roughly half the amount of sugar of its competitors.

Coldcock is currently available for purchase in California, New York, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, and South Carolina, with more states joining the ranks throughout the year. As of now, Coldcock is available at the Roxy and the Rainbow on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, and is set to appear in more Los Angeles-area bars soon.