Metal Wani writer Achintya Venkatesh recently conducted an interview with doom metal vocalist Robert Lowe (CANDLEMASSSOLITUDE AETURNUS). You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

Asked about whether his split with CANDLEMASS was an amicable one, Lowe said: “Actually, there was not a situation [that caused the breakup]. I mean, the guys decided to drop the best vocalist they ever had. It’s not my problem. But you, there wasn’t a situation. Everything is good, everything is kosher.”

Lowe also commented on CANDLEMASS mainman Leif Edling‘s claim that Robert never bothered learning the lyrics to some of the band’s classic songs and had to read them from a notebook while on stage. “Well, yeah. I mean, everybody reads the Bible, and I do the same thing,” Lowe said. “I have my Bible, and there you go.”

As previously reported, Lowe has teamed up with composer and NS/Stick player Michael “Dr. Froth” Millsap (SIX MINUTE CENTURYWELL OF SOULS) to record a concept album entitled “Gathered In Darkness”.

The music will be a blending of progressive metal with epic doom metal textures.

Lowe is best known for his work as the vocalist for CANDLEMASS from 2007 through 2012, appearing on the albums “King Of The Grey Islands”“Death Magic Doom” and “Psalms For the Dead”, as well as for his work with SOLITUDE AETURNUS.

Dr. Froth is the bassist for SIX MINUTE CENTURY, whose latest album, “Wasting Time”, was released in October of 2013 on Nightmare Records. He is also a member of the epic doom band WELL OF SOULS.

Several other musicians will be joining the cast of “Gathered in Darkness”, including vocalists Chuck Williams (SIX MINUTE CENTURY), John Calvin (WELL OF SOULS), and David Gonzales (FLUID FREQUENCY); guitarist Joel Gregoire (STRIDE); Don LaFon (SIX MINUTE CENTURY); Simone Mularoni (DGM); and Marc Petillon.

The project is wrapping up the writing phase and is scheduled to enter the studio in early March.