Former MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza was interviewed on the May 15 edition of “Rock ‘N’ SeXXXy UnCensored”, the Internet radio show hosted by adult film star Amber Lynn. You can now listen to the program at this location.

Speaking about his forthcoming book, which is being written with J. Marshall Craig best known for his critically acclaimed work as a writer for Eric Burdon‘s “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”THE ROLLING STONES keyboardist Chuck Leavell‘s “Between Rock And A Home Place” and the West Coast hip-hop history “Guilty By Association”Menza said: “My book is about me and my life. It includes all kinds of stuff, from my childhood up until just as of recently. And I’m actually adding another chapter to it, probably, because it’s taking so long to finalize everything — legal stuff, the cover artwork, the picture that’s gonna be used… we’re not really sure yet.”

He continued: “I don’t know what I can tell you about it. There’s a lot of funny things in it. It’s all true stuff. There’s some government conspiracies and alien coverups and all kinds of stuff in there. Now that I’m into space exploration and research stuff — that’s kind of what I’m into right now. I’ve always been into aliens and stuff like that. We are are the aliens and that’s why we’re here. All the evolution of everything is from alien technology.

“Before, back in the Stone Ages, like when we were just regular humans, we didn’t have brains in us and then the aliens came down and they intervened and they put brains in our heads and now we’re all smart and we’re starting to figure things out, ascending to the next level and a higher level of conscious awareness and that sort of stuff.

“If you listen to your brain, your brain’s always gonna get you in trouble. If you listen to your heart and you follow the path of your heart, it will lead you and it will never lead you down the wrong path. So always follow your heart. That’s what I tell people. Follow your heart, go with your heart. Don’t listen to your brain, ’cause your brain’s gonna kill you.

“You know what’s weird? When people that don’t even know each other, they get into a room, the hearts are already communicating with each other before you even speak words. When you feel something from another person or something like that. That’s why I say I can’t just be with a girl that I don’t have a connection with. You know right away when you meet someone: ‘Yes, I would’ or ‘No, I wouldn’t.’ And that’s how that works. If you’re emanating a lot of love out of your body, you’ll attract people that love, and that’s how that works. With any job, or any place you go, people communicate. It’s, like, the heart’s code. They’re, like, all talking to each other. There’s a book out called ‘The Heart’s Code’. It’s really interesting. If you haven’t read it, you should check it out.”

Originally announced as “Megalife”Nick‘s book will now be titled “Menzalife”. He explained: “It got changed just as of recently, because I can’t use ‘Megalife’; someone’s already using that name and it’s trademarked. No big deal. It’s still the same content inside. It’s gonna be for sale at the stores and stuff like that. A publisher is gonna put it out. I don’t have a deal as of yet, but the book is really cool.”

Menza‘s first performance was at the age of two on stage at the Montreux Jazz Festival when legendary jazz percussionist Jack DeJohnette (Miles DavisSonny RollinsJoe Henderson) placed Nick on his kit. Thirty years later, he was stepping out on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans every night.

Menza, son of legendary jazz saxophonist Don Menza, was at the top of his game when MEGADETH started a world tour in support of its album, “Cryptic Writings”, but began to suffer knee problems and escalating pain. Doctors diagnosed him with a tumor. Surgery waylaid the drummer briefly, but he was relieved to learn the tumor was benign and was eager to rejoin his bandmates, who had continued their tour with a replacement drummer. But deteriorating relations within the band exploded and Menza was replaced permanently.

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