[via MetalSucks]

We’re really excited for the upcoming At The Gates album and eventual tour. You know who isn’t too excited? Triptykon’s Tom Gabriel Fischer.

You see, Triptykon is set to tour Europe with At The Gates and have one Switzerland date on the tour. Triptykon got offered to play a Swiss festival in a different town, but due to an assumed proximity clause in their contract with At The Gates, were not allowed to accept the offer. This angered Tom, who took to his personal Facebook page to vent:


You have to wonder if At The Gates even knew about this situation or it was just their handlers who denied Triptykon’s performance. Either way, I can’t see somebody denying the chance to see the two bands play together for what I assume would be a cheaper ticket price than that of the large festival Triptykon hope to play. I also found it curious Triptykon is not a dictatorship, much in the way I assume Nine Inch Nails is run. Fischer clearly takes the opinions of his bandmates into consideration when deciding on business matters.