Source: Metalinjection.net

I’m near positive I don’t need to recap the entire “Slayer vs. former drummer Dave Lombardo” thing for you, but the most recent development is that Lombardo says he’ll never go back to the group. For their part, Slayer are in the studio trying to finish their record.

But they’ve been working on the album for a really long time, even before Lombardo quit. Lombardo was present for many of the writing sessions and had to have contributed some drum parts to the writing. But the question now is: will the band use any of his contributions? Lombardo recently spoke with Thrash Zone, and when the topic of thenew Slayer song, “Implode,” came up, he had this to say.

“I worked on all of the songs that are going to be on the new album with Kerry [King, guitar]. They’ve been working on that album… shit… for years now. ‘Implode’, their new radio hit, is basically the guitar tracks that were done during my session, but they’ve removed my drums and added Paul’s [Bostaph, current Slayer drummer].”

You can’t be surprised that Slayer decided to re-do his drum tracks with their new, permanent drummer. I’m assuming the band wants to give Lombardo as little money as possible. But the question is, how involved was Lombardo in the songwriting process? And if he wrote core parts, how much would need to be changed for him to be kept off the songwriting credits? Could there be a major lawsuit on the horizon? We need a lawyer in the comments…