RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE  bassist Tim Commerford says that he thinks “it’s badass” that Kanye West “is not afraid” to storm the stage during other artists’ acceptance speeches at award shows, and hopes that his own stunt at the MTV Video Music Awards more than a decade ago played a part in inspiring the rapper.

West came up onstage during last month’s Grammy Awards when Beck‘s “Morning Phase”was announced as the surprise winner of “Album Of The Year.” Although many at first assumed West was jokingly re-enacting his storming of the stage when Taylor Swift won a few years back, the hip-hop star later blasted the Grammys in a rant in which he suggested that Beck should have given his award to Beyonce.

Commerford, who is perhaps best remembered for climbing a piece of set scaffolding and refusing to come down after his band lost the award for “Best Rock Video” to LIMP BIZKIT, at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, told Alternative Nation about West‘s latest antics: ” I love that kind of stuff. I don’t know that Beyonce record, so I can’t say if she deserves it. But I do like how Kanye is not afraid and I think it’s badass. I wonder how old he was when I was on the VMAs and if he saw me. I’d like to think that I had something to do with it.”

The RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE bassist said that after he was arrested and spent the night in jail following his MTV Video Music Awards stunt, he still tried to give LIMP BIZKITfrontman Fred Durst a piece of his mind the next day. “[Fred Durst] was staying at the same hotel as us, so the next day everyone was telling me that Fred Durst was eating breakfast in a room,” he recalled. “And I went in there, and I was fully gonna confront him. They show me the table and he’s nowhere to be seen. He just bolted and got out of there so he did not have to endure the wrath.”

West recently apologized to Beck, writing on Twitter: “I’m sorry.”