According to The Pulse Of Radio, ROB ZOMBIE has announced that his crowdfunded new horror film, “31”, has been picked up for North American distribution by independent company Alchemy. No release date has been established yet for the film, which is currently nearing the end of production. The film’s cast includes Sheri Moon Zombie, Richard Brake,Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Daniel Roebuck, Lew Temple, Meg Foster and Malcolm McDowell.

“31” follows five carnival workers who are kidnapped the night before Halloween and held hostage in a large secret compound known as Murder World.

Once there, they have 12 hours to survive a terrifying game called “31”, in which murderous maniacs dressed as clowns and called “The Heads” hunt them down and kill them.

Alchemy CEO Bill Lee said, “Rob Zombie is a true artist and master filmmaker at the height of his game. With ’31’, he’s creating yet another terrifyingly immersive and twisted world that will delight audiences.”

Zombie said he was “thrilled to work with a company sharing the same vision for my film’31’ as I have. Alchemy has committed to bringing the most intense experience possible to the screen.”

Zombie launched a successful crowdfunding campaign online to raise the money for the film’s budget. His previous film was 2012’s “The Lords Of Salem”.