French progressive metallers GOJIRA have entered Silver Cord, the new New York-based recording studio designed and owned by the band’s guitarist/vocalist, Joseph Duplantier, to begin tracking their sixth album for a late 2015 release via Roadrunner.

During a June 2014 interview with Sweden’s, Duplantier stated about the progress of the songwriting sessions for GOJIRA‘s follow-up to 2012’s “L’Enfant Sauvage”: “We record demos, we jam, we work really hard… super hard on the songs. We wanna put out our greatest album.”

He continued: “We do things a little differently. We dump songs, we dump riffs, which we never did before.

“[In the past] we would prepare 12 songs, get in the studio and record them just exactly as they are on the demos.”

Joseph added: “We decided to do it differently this time. So [on previous albums] we would push each song to its maximum until it becomes really good. But this time we wanna select them right away. [If we come up a riff that sounds slightly] boring [from the start], we [get rid of it] instead of [spending time] trying to make it more interesting.

“So we have at least 20 songs — like, the main ideas, the core of each one. But we still need, now, to work on putting all the stuff together, but we have a lot of material that we really love this time. It’s kind of challenging for us, also, ’cause the style is changing a little bit. We have some PANTERA-ish kind of riffs, which is kind of new for us. But we wanna… Because we want to… We want [the riffs] to be a little punchier sometimes.”

Asked if GOJIRA will cut down those 20 song ideas to 12 or 13 complete tracks to record for the next album, Duplantier said: “Even to less than that. I want a short, very dynamic kind of album. But we have so much material; we could release three records or something.

“We believe in simplicity. When we release a record, we do it the old-school way. We could release a song once in a while and that’s it. It would be better for these days to do it this way. I think that’s what bands will do in the future. I think albums are dying. I think bands are going to work for a week at the end of a tour, release a song and go back on tour. And here you go — the fans are excited… But we’re so old school. We still wanna have that big chapter in our career that we call albums that are so important. It’s like a personal Bible that we’re writing; it’s very intense.”

Joseph also confirmed that he will be in charge of the production of the next GOJIRA album. He said: “I wanna produce it. I have to do it myself somehow. It makes me feel great. I love it. That’s what I do. It’s what I like. I wanna do it. So everybody’s, like, ‘Oh, you should work with a big producer.’ I don’t think so. It could be a very personal sound, it could be a very direct dialog with the fans, without the interaction of anyone. Even if it’s a great person, this person is still between us and the fans.”

GOJIRA‘s fifth album, “L’Enfant Sauvage”, sold almost 11,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 34 on The Billboard 200 chart.

“L’Enfant Sauvage” (which translates to “The Wild Child”) was recorded at Spin Recording Studios in Long Island City, New York with co-producer Josh Wilbur (LAMB OF GOD).