The first eight albums from the legendary heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH are being re-released on vinyl.

The reissue campaign will kick off on June 22 with SABBATH‘s self-titled debut album (1970), “Paranoid” (1970) and “Master Of Reality” (1971). They will be followed by the June 29 re-releases of “Vol. 4” (1972), “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (1973) and “Sabotage” (1975).

On July 13, SABBATH‘s “Technical Ecstacy” (1976) and “Never Say Die!” (1978) will be reissued.

All eight albums will be made available on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl and CD.

SABBATH‘s early original-lineup catalog was previously reissued on vinyl in 2012 as a limited-edition box set, “The Vinyl Collection: 1970-1978”.