This is History! It is a great responsibility to be able to review an album for which interest and waiting was larger than words can say. The new album everyone was eager from Black Sabbath to create is here. But it is under the name Heaven and Hell, as the four-piece decided to name the band after.

The line-up that recorded ”The Mob Rules” in 1981 and ”Dehumanizer” in 1992 is back again, after 17 years in a full release. They had recorded three new tracks for the compilation ”The Dio Years” and that was the spark that lit the fire for the great return. The year is 2009 and Heaven and Hell put their effort on a big bet: gain the interest of fans once again, as in the past, in a time where everything sounds more modern as time flows and new names rise every day in order to become the new heroes in rock and metal music. The truth is that i expected more.

The tracks of the compilation were very promising and exoectations were raised rapidly. Not that this album is no good at all, it just doesn’t sound like the previous efforts of the four veterans. In addition, it sounds more of a Dio album than old Sabbath. To be more honest, i am very glad that in conclusion, it was not released under the name Black Sabbath. Also, seven of the ten songs exceed five minutes in duration and this is becoming really tiring from a point and on. It is nothing new to the ears and we don’t judge the lack of doing something fresh here. After all, we are talking about the more experienced band in discography the last 40 years, despite the name change. But being strict is all we can do, as we judge people that have affected millions of lives with their music.

This is not the best or worst album you could listen to. It stands somewhere in average level and maybe with time it will get more recognition. In live situation, the band is much better though. Dio’s voice is undoubtedly state of the art. Experience works better in most difficult situations, so happens with Heaven and Hell. For the time being, let’s wish they won’t fall apart between themselves once more. Then the rest will flow as fate may tell.

Track List Line Up
01. Atom & Evil
02. Fear
03. Bible Black
04. Double the Pain
05. Rock & Roll Angel
06. The Turn of the Screw
07. Eating the Cannibals
08. Follow the Tears
09. Neverwhere
10. Breaking into Heaven
Ronnie James Dio – Vocals
Tony Iommi – Guitars
Geezer Butler – Bass
Vinny Appice – Drums