Death metal’s most influential band of all times, DEATH, might not be around with us since Chuck Schuldiner’s death on December 13th 2001, but on 2012, some of his past comrades and contributors on original Death releases, united in order to celebrate the Music of Chuck Schuldiner under the name of DEATH (DTA TOURS) and toured for charity reasons. The experiment went absolutely great and the band decided to go on touring and celebrating the Music we all love –the music of Chuck Schuldiner- and it was about time this celebration to take place on Greek ground.

The “European Thought Patterns 2016 Tour” will be having two dates in Greece. The first one will take place on Friday, April 1st 2016 at Fuzz Live Music Club in Athens, and the second one will take place on Saturday, April 2nd 2016 at Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki.

DTA TOURS’ current line up is as follows:
Gene Hoglan- Drums (ex-Death/Testament/DTP/Fear factory and many more)
Steve DiGiorgio- Bass (ex-Death/Testament/Sadus and many more)
Bobby Koelble-Guitars (ex-Death/Azrael)
Max Phelps-Vocals /Guitars (Exist/Cynic)

Together with them there will be one of the top modern progressive death metal acts, OBSCURA, coming from Germany with their Vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer showing up on stage together with the DTA TOURS on some of the songs performed as a Tribute to the music of Chuck Schuldiner. Be there and let the metal flow once again!!!

Ticket prices: 22€ (first 200 tickets for both shows) & 26€ (the rest)

Ticket presale points:
ATHENS: Ticket House – Metal Era – No Remorse Records – Reload Stores – Bowel Of Noise
THESSALONIKI: Musicland – The Nephilim Metal Store