THE SLAYERKING is a three piece band that plays doom with progressive, dark rock elements. They sound heavy but not harsh. Alike 70s productions, there is a sense of bitter sweet taste throughout that delivers a warm numb while it is rooted in your mind.

The name of the band derives from an imaginary troll that thinks it is a King but it is only a Slayer. It slays unremorsefully every single hope the world has about its gods and their long awaited saving campaigns.

“Sanatana Dharma” will be the debut album of the band; a phrase in Sanskrit literature that refers to the cosmic order, the unstoppable rotation, the eternal. The record will be released by the French label Finisterian Dead End in January 2016.

THE SLAYERKING consisted of: Efthimis K – Vocals & Bass, Kostas K –  Guitar, Anna E – Drums

Watch below the lyrics video for the first single of the record “She Is My Lazarus“: