If you ever wondered how a band would sound like, after blending 70’s heavy doom sound with harsh early PARADISE LOST darkness and melodies, that at times reminds you of TOOL, “Sanatana Dharma” is the answer.

THE SLAYERKING, is the brand new side project of NIGHTFALL’s main man Efthimis Karadimas who, apart from vocals, takes over the bass guitar (first time since 1999). The band is a trio, with former NIGHTFALL’s bassist Kostas Kyriakopoulos (also in NOCTA and CEMETERY DANCE) on guitars and Anna Eleftherou (INSPIRITUM, ex-CRYSTAL WINDS) completing the line-up on drums.

Contrary to what anyone would expect, the band’s debut album moves away from any of NIGHTFALL’s latest works. The paces are slowed down and the music is more atmospheric, without losing its heaviness, thanks to Kostas’ vast riffs. Anna, behind the drum kit follows also a nice simplistic (monolithic one could say) path, building a thick and tight rhythm section along with Efthimis, who surely hasn’t forgotten his bass skills.

Apart from the bass guitar, Efthimis does an exceptional work on the vocal section too, standing between Nick Holmes of the “Gothic” era and his own performances in NIGHTFALL. As for the lyrics, they add an extra psychedelic atmosphere to the songs, with their oriental and Hindu references, although we can’t describe “Sanatana Dharma” as a concept album.

The album and the songs themselves, have a variety on dynamics. Sometimes, hitting you hard and sometimes laying you back and letting you loose yourself within their atmosphere. You will enjoy tunes like opener “She Is My Lazarus”, that will even remind you some of TIAMAT’s old stuff and “The Man That Never Was”, which is one of the gloomiest and most powerful moments of the album. As for the TOOL references, I already mentioned, check “Magnificent Desolation” and “My Lai” in particular.

All in all, “Sanatana Dharma” is a very good and very promising debut for THE SLAYERKING, and I believe we will listen many interesting things, by this band, in the future.

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