Ozzy Osbourne, one of the few musicians who knew Lemmy Kilmister from his early days in HAWKWIND through four decades of MOTÖRHEAD, has paid loving tribute to his longtime friend in a piece of He wrote, in part: “All I’ve done since I heard the news [of Lemmy‘s death] was reflect on the times we had together. He was a good guy, a very good friend of mine. I’m still in some shock.

“I phoned him up two days ago, and I couldn’t make out one word he was saying. Yesterday, I got a text from his manager saying, ‘Lemmy‘s on the way [out], and he wants to see some of his friends.’ So my wife and I were just about leaving the door and the text came saying he’d gone. It shook me up bad. We were like, ‘Wow.’ He must have been suffering for a while. You know, he’s 70. He lived the rock and roll lifestyle to the max, but still it’s sad when you lose a friend like that.

“He was a character. There ain’t many characters in music today. I mean, you’ve got Miley Cyrus, okay, but there’s not many characters in the game anymore. But he was definitely a character. An original. He lived the lifestyle. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, that was Lemmy.

“You know what? There goes a hero for me. He was my hero. He was fucking great, a good friend. I’m missing him already. I’ll never forget him. I don’t think a lot of people will forget Lemmy. He’ll be so missed in my camp. He was a good guy, a good man, a good friend of mine. He was just a fucking great dude, man. Not enough time for him.”

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