BEHEMOTH bassist Tomasz Wróblewski (stage name Orion) has slammed concert venues that have begun charging exorbitant percentages to allow a band to sell its merchandise at shows.

Hall fees are fees charged by a venue for selling artists’ merchandise there. These fees are usually a percentage cut of the merchandise take and are paid to the hall by the merchandise company.

Speaking to FreqsTV, Orion said (see video below): “Record sales nowadays, it’s not really a source of income for musicians. So the most money that we earn is from touring.

“It’s super important for us to bring our merchandise to the people. And they know that they can buy some unique stuff at the shows, which is much appreciated, ’cause this goes directly to us. And that’s great it’s happening.”

He continued: “Some venues, they start charging bands for selling their merchandise, which causes bands rising prices of the merchandise.

“I was, three nights ago, counting everything that we need to leave in the venue; it was 42 percent altogether. So this is becoming a bad trend between the venue and us and everything. It’s becoming like a Mafia. People should be able to get whatever they want for the prices that are fair.”

BEHEMOTH has announced its return to North America this spring with a special tour, featuring MYRKUR as support. BEHEMOTH will play its latest album, “The Satanist”, in its entirety. In addition to the concert, fans will also have the chance to view “The Congregation” exhibition at each venue. Dubbed “a symbiosis of BEHEMOTH and Toxic Vision,” the display showcases the collaboration between the two parties.