Domine, Wishdoom
Harley Rock Bar, Thessaloniki, Greece

It sometimes feels so pointless and poor to describe some feelings during or after a live concert. This moment of time I am in such a position, as I don’t really know how I must state what happened when Italian epic metallers Domine appeared in front of a hundred fanatic metalheads. It doesn’t matter the amount but the quality of fans, and they all came for just one reason: Listen to some pure heavy metal the old school way.

What makes me happier of what I am about to write, is that Wishdoom, the band that opened the show, is by far one of the best Greek bands I have ever seen and also, one of the best support groups of all times. Their doomy material found great response to all fans, the band was direct in their playing, rather heavy stuff, that found its end with a great cover of the legendary song ”Necropolis” of the mighty Manilla Road. Needless to say that the crowd got obsessed and made a good moshpit.

The time was 22:28 when Domine started playing, entering with ”Thunderstorm”. A great first taste of what was about to happen, shortly before frenzy took place when they played ”The Mass Of Chaos”. The song which we all love and most people came to listen to. Then comes ”The Ride Of The Valkyries” and many of us look at each other’s eyes just to believe what we witness. Morby has taken fool control of the crowd with his godly voice, the band tries to show professionals but they really can’t hide the joy in their faces, because of the response. ”I can play in Greece every night, seriously” states Morby, then says ”It is a pleasure and an honour together to play for you all guys.

Shortly after this, they play ”The Aquilonia Suite”, a grand opus nearly 11 minutes in duration, but noone does mind at all. They are so honest in what they do, so the double duo of ”Army Of The Dead” (Holy mother of Christ…) and ”The Eternal Champion” (yes, they are such godless in their choices) sends us to hell (or is it heaven) and back. After this nothing seems to enthuse us that much, but Domine have a different opinion and they present ”Dragonlord”. No, this time we DON’T mind of long songs. I wish all long songs were like these.

Then comes ”The Messenger”, followed by ”The Hurricane Master”. They tell us to shout a while for them, so they will play 2 more songs. And that’s what happens, but noone believed we would listen to ”The Chronicles Of The Black Sword”. Maybe the most epic moment of all the show.

Last but not least, was ”Defenders”, were moshing and pushing took place once again. Domine wave goodbye to us, triumphantly enjoying the crowd’s yells ”Domine, Domine, Domine”. They just couldn’t stop smiling and thanking people. That was the little story that ended a little before midnight, an hour and a half of true metal (two words combined that sometimes make no sense nowadays) in one of most different concerts ever to be seen.

Thank you gentlemen for doing us the honor to come and play for us. You deserve all great response because above all, you don’t make fun of people like many bands do, but you live for what you do (and not FROM what you do). Hats off!

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