Celestial Immunity, Show Your Face
Eightball Club, Thessaloniki, Greece

I decided to stop erasing and rewriting countless times this introduction to the Sodom live report and just admit the fact that what I felt on this 1,5 hour of thrash explosion at the 8ball club in Thessaloniki can’t be described in detail with poor words…”Veni-vidi-vici ” for the German thrash veterans and Saturday night fever unleashed primitive energy to an audience in front of which every artist would wish to perform. However due to “superior forces” we unfortunatelly missed the supported acts Show Your Face and Celestial Immunity.

The legendary thrash group kept on gradually spreading impatient enthusiasm even before their showing on stage; enthusiasm which transformed into delirium as soon as Angelripper,Bernemann and virtuoso Bobby Schottkowski made their appearance on stage opening the show with the worshiped “The Saw Is The Law”.And that was the beginning of an experience no one will ever forget…the audience was no more just a noisy mob, it had become one solid entity of rage,unity,rebellion and authenticity.Moments that seemed to belong in another decade followed: Angelripper rousing the fans with his greek ” ya mas malaka” while ecstatic fans were converting the club into a football temple of fanatism, united under the rebellious rythms of “Fuck The Police” and “Ausgebombt”.But they didn’t stop there…Sodom embraced their fans’ madness eagerly when the last enriched the already revolutionary atmosphere by football chanting between songs, relentlessly stage-diving like stuntmen and moshing tirelessly to the accurate violate performing of hymns such as “Agent Orange”, “Remember The Fallen”, “Napalm in the Morning”, “City of God” ,”Blasphemer” and the dynamite-homonymous track of the upcoming album “In War and Pieces”.

The explosive audience could not be better described than by Angelripper’s own finding: “iste treli”! Sodom and Sodom-ers as one, created a flaming atmosphere where artists and audience are old friends who reunite to revive their childhood’s crazy incidents.

I insist that words are too poor to describe the feelings in there…The fact that many of you shared the experience and understand me ,thankfully comforts me.I’m sure you too can’t wait to live that again.Anger,revolution,katharsis found their way in our souls.Thank you for your friendliness,your understanding and your mastery.Thank you Sodom!

More photos of the show can be viewed here.

Report: Kateirina Papageorgiou.
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