Acetic Voice, Conspiracy, Talion
Eightball Club, Thessaloniki, Greece

First time for veteran German thrashers Assassin to play in Greece. It seems like reaching my thirties in a while, I’m going to see all my forgotten heroes of my early childhood, back then when I was starting to expand my musical horizons and try to listen to as much more bands as it could get. The whole set of groups was filled with three groups of the local scene and for the next four hours, we had the chance to see some serious movement going on, with countless moshpits, numerous stage divings and good mood in general. Unfortunately less people than required decided to attend the show and the 100 renegades inside the club gave everything they had in sweat and obsession and finally enjoyed the show.

Talion is a great band that starts getting attention as days pass by. They seemed more than ready to grab the chance to play with a great band and they were surely amazing. Clear sound, the vocalist/guitarist in perfect shape, with his riffs well played and not just being put to fill the songs. The rhythm section helped him a lot with the bass player playing with a white Flying-V bass (I have seen everything in my life…) and the drummer following the rhythm, providing great feedback from behind. Despite the unfortunate event of about only 30 people inside the club at the moment, they didn’t seem to care very much and they finally left the stage knowing that they did their part more than great. They are a skilled band who can become even better through the years. Horns up.

Conspiracy is a very well known band in the thrash circles of the city. It’s been many times I’ve written about them through this report page, but it seems that each time they play more relieved compared to each previous time I get to see them. With a great sound again (as mostly always when I see them) and the frontman always in good and energetic mood, they played for 40 minutes many tracks, including a Tankard cover, being ”Maniac Forces” and the classic S.O.D. anthem in the end of each show, with ”United Forces” making the metalheads inside start dancing and preparing for the next to come. I have seen them so many times the last two years, that it seems like a day isn’t passing. Go to Athens to show them how they mosh guys.

Acetic Voice has always been a respected band from all fans of the city. Numbering many years of experience and being a lot of years since the last time I got to see them, it was a nice preparation for the German headliners. The trademark frontman of the band was motivating the fans to follow the mood of the whole night and all his partners were in great mood also. After all, thrash is party atmosphere and especially if you don’t face any problems on the stage, it’s always better. They played a cover of Sepultura’s ”Arise” and finally left the scene for Assassin. A good performance by the veterans who showed up recently and seem very active. Let’s wish them the best, for as long as it can last.

Assassin honoured their name and for the next 85 minutes they showed how thrash metal is meant to be played. We could hardly believe how great they sounded, compared to the recent Whiplash show we encountered. With ”Breaking The Silence” being their new album, they started with the title track and played many classic hymns such as ”Nemesis”, ”The Last Man”, ”Junk Food”, ”AGD”, ”Holy Terror” and ”Bullets”. They left the best for the end, playing ”BAKA” (where they told us to shout ”MALAKA” instead) and of course, ”Assassin”. Despite some guitar problems in the end, they did the best they could, and the new rhythm section seems to fit perfect (especially the tall bold crazy bass player from Sweden). A nice way to pour some adrenalin, until the next thrash adventure from Septembed and on. The ones who came, left rather satisfied and let’s hope to see some more old heroes before they call it a day.

Aggelos “Redneck” Katsouras.