Suicidal Angels
Conspiracy, Vermillion Days
Eightball Live Stage, Thessaloniki, Greece

It is official, no doubt needed or accepted furthermore. The main Greek thrash force named Suicidal Angels, belongs already to the club of the great bands of the genre worldwide, almost three decades after the first releases by Venom, Metallica, Slayer and many more. There is no reason to try and change what is already known to many people, we only have to state that this rising of them took curse through very hard work, relentless touring, little space for rest and many sacrifices which left other things behind. The four piece from Athens also managed to win a crowd of more than 300 people inside Eightball, and showed that in their good and full of shape day, it’s quite impossible for your neck to resist on banging through the whole duration of their set. Add the fact that they were supported by the two best thrash bands of the city of Thessaloniki, and you surely have a good clue what happened in a great night where we all had fun.

Vermillion Days were the first to open the show, this might be their longest set I’ve seen so far and I think that it was their best performance so far. A band that has been acknowledged by members of Flotsam And Jetsam or the mighty Sodom, needs no further introductions. The younger they look on age, the harder they try and work in order to present something which is characterized as very fresh and full of quality. A very important part is that it is a band of brothers, the twin bassist/vocalist and guitarist and the other guitarist and drummer. As you understand, when you can rely on each other, noone can stand in your way. This time they had a great sound, and among their great material, they added two covers of ”Over The Wall” by Testament and ”Slaves Of Pain” by Sepultura (great choice indeed). They are in the state of pre-producing their first full length and once it is out, they will be able to claim that they can do even better things, as the new tracks are really crushing. Another great night in their little career so far. Way to go!

Conspiracy is also another band whose worth has been pointed out through these pages. No matter the case, they are always devoted to what they play, they don’t understand shit wether the sound is good (as it really was this time) or crappy, if there are energetic people (like this time) or just standing like statues. Their raw thrash meets crossover material might sound simple but is rather demanding. This time the two guitars gave a vast and heavier approach to the sound, the rhythm section was flawless and the vocalist energetic, going up and down as always. Covers by D.R.I. (I think it was ”Gone Too Long” but I can’t be sure, since I lost contact in a part of their set), the old Greek group Antidrasi (Reaction) with ”Arrostos Kosmos” (”Sick World”) and of course, ”United Forces” by S.O.D. in the end of the set. Another amazing performance for the band as well. No wonder why they are often chosen to play as a support band to many greater bands, just like Vermillion Days. I think I’ll see them soon again, one way or another. YEAH!

Suicidal Angels have no time to hesitate and ”Bloodbath” begins inside Eightball, their latest album has driven them to their top momentum and they show and sound more certain than ever. ”Bleeding Holocaust” starts the thrashing carnage and there is no turning back. Thrash neutron bombs like ”Reborn In Violence”, ”Face Of God”, ”Torment Payback”, ”Final Dawn”, ”Morbid Intention To Kill”, ”The Pestilence Of Saints”, ”The Prophecy”, ”Vomit On The Cross” and ”Moshing Crew” show that the band has reached a level unreachable not only by other Greek bands, but also their foreign possible disputers. Add the fact that tracks like ”Chaos (The Curse Is Burning Inside)” and ”Beggar Of Scorn” add some ultra heaviness, and you have a full image of what happened while they were playing. I was very happy to see many youngsters having fun, moshing and diving off the stage. All band members were encouraging the fans to stagedive, as they said that ”the scene is yours, feel free to express yourselves”.

The band was very cheerful to see the crowd getting obsessed. It seems like the newcoming metalheads have found their new heroes in the faces of the thrashing four piece, and I can surely not blame them, as it is something that’s happening now and it is a good way to see them getting to the top. It has become quite rare for them to play in Greece, as they don’t have time to rest, while one tour follows the other. It is more than certain that they will blow many heads in their summer festival march and if they keep the tradition with fans raging their asses out in ”Apokathilosis” which ends each set in a fiery state of adrenaline, then they will sure write their name in the history of metal music in general (not only the thrash part) with golden letters. I repeat what I say the last four years, such momentum have never existed for a Greek band. I truly wish them to become even larger because they definitely are worth it. They mature musically as they grow without losing their ferocity, and that’s something really valuable nowadays. Let the bloodbath spread throughout the world!

Aggelos “Redneck” Katsouras.