Agnostic Front, First Blood
Kuttaro, Athens Greece

By the time I saw that the godfathers of NY Hardcore, Agnostic Front, will come to Greece for a show I was counting days for the 29th of June because I knew what was going to happen! This band has great history in the hardcore scene, has released great albums and their concerts are always killer, and it’s a guarantee that you will have a hell of a time! First Blood would be the band that will open the concert.

First Blood started their show almost on time. To be honest, their music is not of my taste, and I hadn’t checked them out a lot before the concert. However they were very energetic, they had very good stage performance and their fans (they actually had a lot) seemed to enjoy the concert and participated in it by creating circle pits , stage diving etc. They also talked a lot about unity between metalheads, punks, and hardcore people which is very good and meaningful. They set lasted about half an hour and they left the stage with everyone clapping for them.

There were many people in the venue, but Kyttaro was not full, something that surprised me. Well that was not so bad if you think about it; it left us more space for a bigger circle pit!

From the moment Agnostic Front hit the stage with a new song called “City Streets”, until the moment they finished their set, Kyttaro was like a volcano that exploded! Although Roger Miret was sick as he informed us, that didn’t influence their performance, which was awesome. A very big circle pit was created immediately when they started their show and was kept for the whole concert, many stage divings etc, everyone seemed to have great fun. The band played many classic songs as well us many new songs in their 1 hour set. I don’t think I need to describe what happened in songs like “Friend Or Foe”, “Victim In Pain”, “Gotta Go”, “Riot Riot Upstart”, “Crucified”  etc. Agnostic Front had very good stage performance, they had great energy, and they proved us that they still got it! The sound was not very good but I don’t think that anyone was annoyed from this. Their new songs sound very good live and they were well combined in the set with the old ones. Everyone would like the set to be a little longer but even the 1 hour set was enough to make us have great fun.

Overall, Agnostic Front played a very good show, that satisfied everyone (judging by the reaction of the fans)! We wait for them to come back as soon as possible!

Panos “Butcher” Bantzis