Iced Earth, White Wizzard, Fury UK
Gagarin205, Athens, Greece
18 & 19/11/2011.

In order to decide if you should attend a concert, it should be at least one good reason. For me, more than one reasons existed. From the middle of June, when the advance selling began, I knew that one of my favourite bands, Iced Earth, would be in Athens for 2 days in the middle of November and would give joy in many metal fans.

With the recent release of their new album “Dystopia”, their new frontman Stu Block and a different setlist from the other European countries, Iced Earth definately would give a great show that nobody could miss. There was only just one question: “How the f**k are we going to fit in there?”

Day 1 (18/11)
The crowd was already gathered outside earlier as always in every concert, even if the doors opened at 7pm. Half an hour later (and even if they were British they didn’t came up with the time) on stage the first band “Fury UK” appeared. This was a three-member band from Manchester which, even if they performed for almost 30′ they gave a good warm-up and they received the clapping from the audience for their presence,the great sound and of course a song dedicated to our city, Atena.
Next on the list were the Americans “White Wizzard” from L.A. They came up on stage with their new album “Flying Tigers” and with their presence earned immediately our attention. Even if I don’t like this style so much, I believe it was a support act that suited for the night, and the audience was satisfied enough.

SETLIST: Over the top/40 Deuces/Iron Godess of Vegeance/Starchild /Flying Tigers/Hight Speed
And the time finaly came. The first notes from the intro of Dystopia sounded and the stage was ready to host them. As we were waiting for Iced Earth to come on stage, I believe (like others did) that our feelings for the new singer were mixed. but before I finish my thought they appeared. After that, Burning times followed and I was then sure about the excellent voice of Stu. Globally in the whole setlist there were 7 songs from the new album, with Anthem as the best one. They also played songs from Dark saga, Horror show and Iced Earth. Hearing Shaffer’s voice in back vocals and ripping his guitar once again was more than a good dream in this show.

And what was left in the end.. Dante’s Inferno and Iced Earth, those two last song ended up this beautiful evening annd most of us renewed our appointment for the next day.

SETLIST: Dystopia/Burning Times/Angel’s Holocaust/slave to the dark/V/stand alone/When the night falls/Damien/Dark city/Anguish of youth/Last laugh/Anthem/Declaration Day/Days of Rage/Tragedy and Triumph/Dante’s Inferno/Iced Earth

Day 2 (19/11)
With a delay of thirty minutes because of the derby, the crowd was there waiting and the venue was more crowded than the previous day. Not to mention much about the support acts which were the same with the day before, White wizzard had a bit better sound. With a changed setlist but always with the seven track from Dystopia staring, Iced Earth gave a two-hour performance for their last night in the city of Athens. A point which is worth-mentioning was when Stu announced the song “End of Innosence” and he dedicated it to his mother and all people who suffer from cancer.

SETLIST: Dystopia/Burning Times/ Angel’s Holocaust/slave to the dark/V/stand alone/When the night falls/Damien/Dark City/Pure Evil/Ten Thousand Strong/End of Innocence/The Hunter/Stormrider/Anthem/Declaration Day/My Own Savior/Watching Over Me/Dante’s Inferno/Iced Earth

To conclude, two live performances in two days, both amazing shows with the second day gaining in setlist a bit more.I would be greedy if I would say I wanted more. One thing is for sure, even if I grew up with Barlow’s voice in Iced Earth, Stu has an amazing voice and embraces the old songs. His style matches with the style of the band and they will collaborate with him for long. As for the technical parts, their performance was excellent both days and the sound was also good. The derby in Saturday not at all affected the show concerning the pepole who arrived,as the venue was stiflingly full. On my way back home “watching over me” comes again and again on my mind, and the last thing I need to think is the score in the rotten Greek football games….

Labrini Gouma.