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Mylos, Thessaloniki, Greece

Firewind are ready to conquer the world! That’s something they prove every time they hit the stage and the same happened on Wednesday 18 July in Thessaloniki. I’ve been amazed, once again, by the energy and the power they put out on stage, although it’s been my third time attending a Firewind show.

Unfortunatelly, I didn’t have the possibility to attend the shows of the support acts since we had scheduled an interview with Gus G. for which we were waiting for.

Moving to Firewind, the show started at 21:15. Being in a great shape and having found the static line up which Gus G. has been searching for years, it seems that Firewind are at the top of their career. They hit the stage with “Wall Of Sound” coming from their latest release “Few Against Many” and all the fans went crazy listening for first time ever to the new material live in Thessaloniki, the hometown of Firewind! The sound was absolutely perfect reminding me the great sound they had a few years ago at Principal Club Theater.

The set list included songs from their entire career: from “The Anger” to “Heads Up High” and from “Into The Fire” to the newer song “Glorious”. Apollo is definitely the best singer that the band have ever had, Bob is always infallible on both guitar and keyboards, Peter is the constant force of the band and Johan Nunez, the new drummer, seems like have won the bet! During the “Fire And The Fury”, a fan’s favorite song, the eyes of everyone have been focused on Gus G., the awarded as the best shredder of 2011 at UK Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods Awards!

A few minutes before the end of the show, we were informed that the single “Wall Of Sound” has sold 10.000 copies in Sweden becoming a gold record! Daniela, coming from Sweden on behalf of Sweden Rock Magazine, gave the awards to the band that made Thessaloniki feels so proud of them! Last song of the night has been “Falling To Pieces” and everybody started jumping until the last minute of the song! By the end of the concert, Gus G. announced that the band is gonna do a special tour in Greece in the near future including both Athens and Thessaloniki celebrating the 10 years anniversary since the band’s first release. Especially for Thessaloniki, Gus told that Firewind are planning to make 3 shows in a row with a different set list each day! So, that was the end of another awesome performance of the heaviest band of the city.

Horns up for Firewind that really are an example of how can dreams come true if you don’t stop fighting being a real oasis in the bleeding Greece we live. Congratulations to the founding member Gus G.: that cheeky guy who never lost his faith in Firewind and now he – and the band in general – get all the success they deserve!


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Report, Video & Photos: Panagiotis Karagiannidis.