Crisis Fest Featured

Angelo Perlepe’s Mystery, Memorain, Kinetic, Womb Of Maggots, Desert Near The End, Disharmony, Aeon Dust // AN Club, Athens, Greece // 11.06.2014

One of those festivals that could easily be a strong example of metalheads being sensitive humans above all things: Crisis festival whose main purpose was to raise money for homeless stray animals. Especially when the conversation WOMB OF MAGGOTS (1)revolves around ex-domestic animals, that situation is a hideous crime, as far as the writer is concerned. But let’s not get off topic: 7 amazing bands are part of this beautiful event analyzed thoroughly below.

The first one to hit the An Club stage is Aeon Dust, the one of the two bands the writer was familiar with. I seemed to remember these guys as a mix of early glorious 90s Hellenic Black metal (Necromantia, Varathron, Zemial etc) and Deicide/Morbid Angel. What I faced was a Blackened Death metal mayhem with the Death metal influences pointing directly at Cannibal Corpse/Suffocation for the most technical and groovy parts, Behemoth/Nile for the atmosphere, Deicide for the sheer ferocity and the Black metal feeling I recalled from the “Rise Of The Fallen Ones” demo on the vocals. That was simply K-I-L-L-E-R! They thanked everyone for the opportunity to perform for that cause and wished everybody well.

Next ones without further ado, were the surprise of the night called Disharmony. A kick ass Progressive metal band with a style combining the passion and groove of Nevermore (both musicwise and vocalwise, what an amazing frontman!) and the technicality of Dream Theater, they managed to win a lot of people in the audience with their KINETIC (9)playing, even though there wasn’t a lot of motion from the crowd.

Following Disharmony, we have Desert Near The End a Heavy/Thrash metal band influenced by Iced Earth mostly with one of the best similar voices I’ve heard in a while. Lots of energy, lots of feel good mood since the goal was sacred. Great stuff and a good warm up for the next band.

Womb Of Maggots haven’t played in a stage for 10 years, starting as an atmospheric Death metal band, then going to form inactive Messiah. This recent reincarnation of the band is a Brutal Death metal band in the 90s way (Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Baphomet etc) balancing between blasting and groovy riffage. Great stuff! Their setlist ended with two uber-classic covers: “Roots Bloody Roots” (Sepultura) and “Raining Blood” (Slayer) on which the writer went absolutely crazy, and hoped that the crowd responded as it should. There should have been crazy pits in this one.

Kinetic the other band I was familiar with when the band still had Savvas Betinis as their frontman and were a mixture of Death and Kreator musicwise with keyboards and female vocals. Now we have mostly female vocals (by the same frontwoman Maria-Melissa Routi) andMEMORAIN (9) vocals by the Necrorgasm singer. Their new material was a mixture of their first record “The Chains That Bind Us” and the vocal lines of the “Corrosion” record. I liked it but couldn’t help but think it seemed a bit too much. But that’s just a thought, since they did great on stage! Also total respect to that shredding female bass player (You go girl!)

Up next Memorain, one of those bands that were really lucky with the guys behind their drum kit (Nick Menza of Megadeth and Marc Reign of Destruction) and great quality in their material. They played stuff from both their records, showing a mixture of Megadeth, Annihilator and some melody deriving from late Kreator maybe. Respect to their injured frontman, who had his leg broken yet still got on stage.

And finally the headliners Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery, playing a set of his past material, and even though his audience consisted of only a few people, he played like there was no tomorrow and even ended with a cover of Warlord’s “Child Of The Damned”. One of the old school of Greek Heavy metal who really gave everything he had even for a dozen of people. That’s Heavy metal, that’s respectingANGELO PERLEPES MYSTERY (25) the audience that came over to see you. And that observation goes out to all of them. Congrats guys (and ladies).

And here I have to voice out my personal complaint and only con of the night regarding the crowds’ behaviour: come to the fuckin front! No band intends to harm you rather entertain you with their music, if you’re going to be there just to be seen or whatever (with the exception of photographers, other reviewers or tired people just there from work or whatever), let me put it in a harsh way: DON’T BOTHER COMING IN AT ALL. Support them with your intimacy, you coming a meter or so closer to the goddamn stage means the world to these hard working people! They are everyday people trying to make it happen. They deserve your attention for half an hour I think.

The bottom line is if you were present that night @ An Club you were not disappointed by any means: 7 great bands respecting each other and giving everything they had for a noble cause. Support such actions and my respects to Pandora Box productions! HORNS UP!

Report: John Savvidis
Photos: Sofia Theodorou


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