Warrel Dane, Karma Violens, Sorrows Path // Kyttaro Club, Athens, Greece // 09.11.2015

Ok I admit it….Warrel Dane isn’t one of my favorite performers-singers-artists. I prefer him during his first years of Sanctuary and some albums with Nevermore. Fortunately “Dead Heart In A Dead World” is my second favorite album of them. Ok and after all those useless information let’s get to the main event.

Warrel Dane live playing all the “Dead Heart in a Dead World” album. Not a bad reason to go and enjoy him for the first time. Also Karma Violens and Sorrows Path were making the event even more attractive!!


At 8 o’ clock the doors opened and the few of us that we were there went in and relax until the show begin half an hour later. Now Sorrows Path is a very good doom-prog metal band with good energy and well written songs. In little more of half an hour they played songs from their 2 releases and a cover of “Last December” (Iced Earth). The band was in good mood and their live performance was surely abovemedium standards. The only two things I noticed that made me a bad impression was the sound from where I was standing and the lack of originality at some points. Nevertheless that was a good start and Sorrows Path have an upturn course.


Karma Violens for me is one of the top metal bands of our country. Modern, heavy, extreme, with Swedish death metal influences and some more!! With inspired songs and an amazing and huge singer (Marios’ you damn amazing man!!). As for their performance…killer!! A well-oiled machine with professional attitude and enormous passion. They also played for a little more of half an hour and they served us songs from both of their releases waking us violently but yet amazing!!

As I said above Warrel Dane suits me to my ears better with his first releases with Sanctuary. Nevertheless playing one of the best albums of Nevermore in its’ whole is one hell of the thing. In a great mood with very good musicians and very good performance the tall blond guy was in a good day (referring to his vocals of course). “Narcosynthesis”, “Inside Four Walls”, “The River Dragon..”, “Believe In Nothing”, “Forever” and “Future Tense” are some of the most emotional and intense moments of the live. And the audience from below, never stopped singing out loud, never stopped jumping or headbang!! Warrel is much loved in our country and this live was another proof of it. The microphone problem in the last song went almost unnoticed and gave us a chance to sing out loud once more!!


A good night to great night for all the bands and musicians. Full of good music. And although at first I thought it would be a live for the few as time was passing by, the Kyttaro live stage almost filled in the end. Mister Dane I will surely see you again the next time you will come to Athens!!

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