Cemetery Dance, 4bitten // Six D.O.G.S., Athens, Greece // 28.11.2015

It is the third day of ‘It’s Electric’ festival and just like the two before, Six Dogs is ready to get rocked by two bands of the Greek music scene. This time, we have Cemetery Dance and 4Bitten, with the second ready to present their new record ‘Rewind and Erase’ live on stage.

The first act of the day was Cemetery Dance; a ground-breaking band, who combines heavy metal with grunge, creating songs that are direct as punk but also heavy and loud as metal. With a great sound and their mood set right, the band had the chance to present songs of ‘No Savior’s Ground’ and ‘Poser Zombies’.


The guitars were creating the rhythm and the whole band rocked as one with many titles such as ‘Fireball’, ‘Cemetery Dance’, ‘Brainwashed’, ‘No Savior’s Ground’ or ‘Trail of Life’. Their performance was honest, direct and, even with a small crowd beneath them, they managed to earn the respect of everyone attending the show.

Next, right after Cemetery Dance, 4Bitten was ready to strike. The band has released their new record and they had new material to present to the audience, which as I stated before, it couldn’t be described as a large one. 4Bitten performed as professionals and with a balanced and satisfying sound, the band had the nerve needed to perform their music with dynamism and affection. The band knows well when to sound southern, when to sound aggressive and when to sound rhythmical. Even if their music style may not be my cup of tea, the band managed to rock on stage and to reflect their efforts via the music coming out of the speakers in the venue.


The third day of ‘It’s Electric’ festival came to an end. The audience may not have been the ideal one, but the two bands had their time and tried for the best possible outcome. One more day follows, with two more delightful bands, coming right from Greece’s alternative music scene.

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