Warrior Soul, Cemetery Dance, Jacksfull // Six Dogs, Athens, Greece // 10.12.2015

Kory Clarke and his WARRIOR SOUL return in Athens around six years after their last visit in our country. The legends of Acid Punk, as they tend to characterize their music, shared the stage of Six Dogs along with two local bands, the well-known Cemetery Dance and JacksFull, an emerging trio in the Greek music scene. The specific event is ideal for someone who needs to travel back in time, when the music was heavy and full of ‘bad attitude’.

The first act of the day was JACKSFULL. The band has released their first record a few months ago, which can be found as a whole in youtube for everyone who is interested in find out more about the band. Packed with energy, love and affection for their music, they presented a few tracks included in their debut record, like ‘Ghost’ and ‘Soul Shackle’ for instance, as well as numerous of covers.


I can recall ‘Slither’ by Velvet Revolver, ‘Crazy Bitch’ by Buckcherry and ‘Come Together’ by the Beatles, which I personally found one of the most clever interpretations of the specific song into a hard rock one. On stage they had the attitude and the ideal music to bring L.A. in Athens. JacksFull seem to have a long road ahead if they are determined to continue with their music, but I believe they have done quite a power-start.

CEMETERY DANCE was the second act of the day. The specific band is quite popular in the music scene of Athens, but I believe it is the first time I had the chance to watch them perform live. The band started their set with a major sound problem; the lead singer just wasn’t audible in the way needed to fit with the rest of the band.


However, after the first song, the sound got better, the lead vocals went loud and clear and we were able to enjoy Cemetery Dance as we were supposed to. The band performed many of their hit songs, like ‘Cemetery Dance’ and ‘Outspoken’, in a set that lasted for around forty minutes. Once got to love the band’s stage performance, with their lead singer Costas (referred with the name ‘lazy’) to move around like Sid Vicious and the whole band to perform as aggressive as possible.

Later and after Cemetery Dance, Kory Clarke’s time has come. Along with the rest of WARRIOR SOUL, Kory waved the Athenian audience with bottles of booze in his hand. The rest is history. With a lovely sound, rocking mood and a lot of alcohol, the band performed as if they were performing in a large festival, giving their best. Kory was energetic on stage, in a fine mood but unfortunately his voice is not as it was years ago. His vocals may have been ‘sore’ but his efforts made the show a unique one.


The three musicians who accompanied Kory seemed also to fit well into the line-up of Warrior Soul, even if the bassist was the unfortunate one in this concert, as the bass was not mixed properly with the other instruments and was covered by the loud and heavy guitar riffs. The setlist was enforced with songs taken from different moments of the band’s career, especially from the 90’s and the band’s classic records. Warrior Soul proved that a concert can be transformed to a party sometimes and in order to enjoy music you have to feel music and not just to become a passive receiver. I will totally recall their performance as one of the most powerful of 2015.

The 10th of December was a tribute to hard rock, to heavy rock.  Nowadays it is kind of hard to find bands who continue to be loyal to a sound that isn’t that popular anymore and you got to appreciate them.

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