Need, Mother Of Millions, Hypnotic Nausea, Lunar Cycle // An Club, Athens, Greece // 11.12.2015

Unfortunately, I was unable to be present during LUNAR CYCLE’s performance so my experience began when HYPNOTIC NAUSEA got on stage a little before 22.30. They are a post stoner band from Agrinio with electronic and ambient elements in their sound. What I gathered from their stage performance was a diffuse artistic approach in their music offering a voyage of sounds and feelings covered in a ritualistic veil. The whole act was very cinematic providing the perfect opening act for the night to begin.

MOTHER OF MILLIONS play a mix of progressive melodic and alternative metal in a very confident way making the crowd extremely passionate. Having participated in various concerts supporting SLEEPMAKESWAVES, LEPROUS and SEPTICFLESH among others, they sure are doing something correctly. Their music is highly enjoyable – “Human” being almost sold out by the band – and them being very actively performing on stage arousing the audience. Friday night was a great night especially when the audience was singing along on MOTHER OF MILLION’s songs when they were rocking – literally – the stage.

NEED has gained a lot of recognition, especially after the release of their latest album “Orvam: A Song for Home”, not without justification. They are talented, energetic, fresh successful in what they love doing. The live performance kicked in with 2 songs from the latest album “Lifeknot” and “Entheogen” followed by one blast from the past called “Divine Drift” featured in their first demo “Avoidinme”; those who ‘knew’, were positively surprised. Next song, was one of the two video clips from their second album “Siamese God” called “War/ning”.

The next album preview song “Rememory” sounded very promising since I’m looking forward to the new release which they said could be a while to release. The last tracks of the setlist come from “Orvam – A Song for Home” as well – “Mother Madness” and the title track “Orvam”. “Orvam” has become the ending opus for NEED since the release of the album and there are reasons for that; it is a grand composition, very emotional, the longest track of their discography and probably the most complete composition of theirs. Also, once Jon said “What can possibly come after Orvam in succession?” – and he was absolutely right, in my opinion.