A band from Arizon, by with its many lives (and the very good networking) managed to be one of the best bands of the extreme underground space. Having released only one EP, they managed to arouse interest of Metal Blade which “bit” them and released their debut full length “Genesis”.

So Genesis, is a death metal diamond. Good executioned, with references to bands as Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel, Necrophagist, Nile, Decapitated but also Cannibal Corpse (especially on the song “Bearing The Serpent’s Lamb”). Of course without falling in the trap and copying. Job For A Cowboy although a newfound band, have managed to create a fairly personal sound. Something I believe that in the future will evolve even more.

The production is crystal clear, with unbelievable volume and amplitude. So as the songs sound as they should. An album that shouldn’t be missed in the record library of the genre fans.

Track List Line Up
01. Bearing the Serpent’s Lamb
02. Reduced to Mere Filth
03. Altered from Catechization
04. Upheaval
05. Embedded
06. Strings of Hypocrisy
07. Martyrdom Unsealed
08. Blasphemy
09. The Divine Falsehood
10. Coalescing Prophecy
Johnny Davy – vocals
Ravi Bhadriraju – guitar
Brent Riggs – bass, backing vocals
Bobby Thompson – guitar
Jon “The Charn” Rice – drums