I could easily write that Lamb Of God is simply the best band in the world today and leave this album without a review. They don’t need any review from anyone of us that call ourselves music journalists. Whatever we are about to write for them may be proved inaccurate and less than required each time they give us a reason to bow to them. They don’t have to prove anything to anyone, as they have rightfully gained a place among the pantheon of the greatest bands in the history of music generally. Despite the charges against them for lack of originality and for playing a safe card, stepping on the legacies of two of their mostly beloved bands, Pantera and Slayer, they don’t give a flying fuck about each one whose opinion is what Clint Eastwood said once, playing Dirty Harry (the ones knowing might agree or throw curses on me, still I’m not going to write this down to keep this as less fanatic as it gets).

So came things and three years after the release of ”Wrath”, comes the sixth Lamb Of God album to become the first ESSENTIAL release for each one respecting himself and his musical taste, this year of our Lord 2012. ”Wrath” was an album of tremendous success for the band, making them officially the top American band of the planet, assuming all they had done in their career so far and putting them inside one album. The perfect album at the perfect timing, succeding ”Sacrament” which was another big step for the band in 2006. ”Resolution” comes to succeed an album which had everything, quantity, quality, experimentation, vision and an amazing performance from each member of the band. It is difficult from the beginning to sit and listen to it, you know you have more than high expectations from the Richmond, Virginia based quintet and anything less than great will make you have something negative to say, though there is no specific reason to do that.

Perfection comes in knowing who you are and what you have to do at the right moment. Once remaining uncompromising in what you want to offer, first of all for yourself and then for your fans, then it is inevitable that you will remain more original than all haters think. Especially when you don’t intend to, but you always have a way to keep their mouths shut and their eyes pointed out on you, then you have what we call ”the touch”. Yes ladies and gentlemen, noone is neutral against them, everyone either adores or despises them, forget the love/hate situation here, it’s something way more clear than this. Because as it has happened with many great bands (their two influences mentioned above and many more), everyone intends to strike the one in the throne to bring him down. And as long as he remains focused in what he does, so grows this pathetic effort from everyone to mock them. Guess what folks, Lamb Of God laugh at you from every corner of this planet. Together with their fans of course.

Starting the album with ”Straight For The Sun”, it’s the first time we have a slow beginning but it’s also the heaviest ever. Showing their love for Eyehategod, they godlessly open their album in this way, only to unleash their relentless attack in the next four tracks, where by gripping the listener from what he has between his legs, they toss him in every wall in front of him and the listener not only doesn’t complain, but he also asks for more. ”Desolation” enters threatening with a bombastic riff which only Lamb Of God can offer, and by the end of the next quarter, you have admitted defeat without knowing what really made you one with the walls, the floor and the breaking of your neck among others. ”Ghost Walking” prepared us for what would come with this album, a track in the veins of ”Redneck” and ”Set To Fail”, put third on the album, it’s defined to be one more classic in the multiple weapons of the band, add to this the fact that an outstanding video clip has been made for it and you have the new trademark Lamb Of God song, circa 2012.

The duo of ”Guilty” and ”The Undertow” continues the demonstration of the band’s greatness and riffs are thrown to you from every possible direction, just when you don’t expect. The clear production makes things better and a furious Randy Blythe in the best shape you could imagine, though having closed the fourth decade of his life. The two riff machines Mark Morton and Willie Adler change breakdowns and solos so easy that a guitar orgy is produced in the following 56 minutes and the crushing rhythm section of John Campbell (take a careful listen to ”Invictus to see what I mean) and one of the three best drummers in the world today Chris Adler, who once again gives a great lesson about how much multi-sided drumming can be. Also, there is more room for experimentation here with the nominal ”The Number Six” which might seem odd to you at first, but will prove itself a grower, as long as ”Terminally Unique” and ”To The End” which are let’s say the less great tracks of this album.

The instrumental ”Barbarosa”, put in the middle of ”Resolution”, doesn’t make things ease that much, as ”Cheated” comes to remind of the first Lamb Of God days, with a Burn The Priest touch closing the eye on you as you listen to it. Another great duo is ”Insurrection” and ”Visitation”, which keep the groove and headbanging mood as the album comes to its end. ”King Me” is a song in the veins of ”Reclamation” which closes their previous album. Starting slowly, like the latest releases by The Haunted, it develops a great bridge and the chorus part could easily be included in a soundtrack. What a perfect way to close a marvellous release. ”King Me” is a track where they can be based for their future releases and add some more directions in their already wide range of expression. To be honest, it was the first time I was in fear about an album by them. Loving something brings sometimes thoughts of a possible disappointment. I am so glad they proved me wrong once more and with an album that’s going to keep me interested for the years to come, and not only for now. The throne is still theirs and whoever wants to claim it, must first think well about it, because he might crush his face (or his skinny ass). That’s only a little part of what happens in the album. The rest are to be discovered, from the first to the final breath of Randy, opening and closing the album symbolically. THIS IS THE ART OF RUIN, THIS IS THE RESOLUTION!

Track List Line Up
01. Straight for the Sun
02. Desolation
03. Ghost Walking
04. Guilty
05. The Undertow
06. The Number Six
07. Barbarosa
08. Invictus
09. Cheated
10. Insurrection
11. Terminally Unique
12. To the End
13. Visitation
14. King Me
John Campbell – Bass
Chris Adler – Drums
Mark ‘Duane’ Morton – Guitars
Willie Adler – Guitars
D. Randall ‘Randy’ Blythe – Vocals