The Canadian quintet is back with their long-awaited 4th full length the follow up to  2005’s concept album about time “Chronoclast”. First things first, these guys sure know how to master melody and atmosphere, combining both into a blend of post-metal.

With the album consisting of 8 tracks with a total time play of 54 minutes, each song is long enough to contain acoustic passages, ambient sounds or even faster and heavier riffs accompanied by the strong lyrical content of the album, dealing from social matters to politics and disappointment.

For fans of Envy, (newer) Neurosis and post metal in general, give it a listen and you wont be disappointed.

Track List Line Up
01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. V
06. VI
07. VII
08. VIII
Nick Shaw – vocals/samples
Andrew Tweedy – guitar
Emmanuel Sayer – guitar
Stephen Martin – bass/vocals
Mike Godbout – drums