Hailing from Virginia, United States (also home-state of Lamb Of God), Adversary make the difference in the metal scene today which tends to baptize most of the new bands popping out in familiar metalcore waters. Specializing in melodic death metal, heavy and melodic compositions, thrash metal fixes, solos and an aggressive mood that won’t let you retreat for more than a few seconds.

William Clapp’s vocals are diverse, ranging from high pitched screams to clean melodic singing in choruses. Also, the production is worked out perfectly in order to give the listener an “in your face” beating of the band’s edgy and cutting hits.

What can be and must be clearly realized is that Adversary is a significant modern metal band, demonstrating a musical style which has many old school influences but still needs that fresh injection of these modern bands’ developing sound, and Adversary combine both with great success!

Track List Line Up
01. Hedonist
02. The Grand Mistake
03. Singularity
04. In Vino Veritas
05. Manifest Humility
06. By Apathy Undone
07. Ashes Of Faith
08. Dying Art
09. The Romance Of Lies
10 Wisdom In Regret
William Clapp – Vocals
Kenny Harrison – Guitars
Brad Ryder – Guitars
Daniel Tidwell – Bass
Justin Green – Drums